Michael Erickson is a United States Air Force veteran and a graduate of the University of Phoenix where he majored in business and earned a master’s degree in education. Michael has worked in sales, technology, lending, and, online marketing in various industries in Tucson, Arizona. He is an active business coach and continues to offer coaching services to small business owners.

When Michael was a young teenager growing up in Iowa he enjoyed drawing mazes. He enjoyed sports and band too but could sit down for hours drawing various shapes that snaked around itself dozens of times to create an artistic puzzle. Focusing on those details decades ago gave him a hard to follow path.

Regardless, that attention to those small details he created helped him to better understand the many complex systems of a military cargo aircraft, the inter-workings of both computer hardware and software and the details of running both a website development service and professional coaching practice.

Focusing on details has been a very big part of his life. But so has the creativity that was a big part of the “art” he created in each maze. Michael loves to create beautiful business products. Product and service brochures, business cards, catalogs, and the graphics to go with his website services.

Michael is active in the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management as an Eller College Associate. He also supports Air Rescue Association and Warrior Expeditions. Originally from Iowa, Michael has lived in Tucson since 1992. He and his wife enjoy camping, hiking, cooking, and traveling.